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Bag Utility Addon for Secret World Legends
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Addon designed to make opening and selling junk bags from questing in Secret World Legends easier!

BagUtil adds two buttons to the default inventory window. Open and Sell.

Screenshot of buttons on the UI


Will open all quest bags (Talisman/Glyph/Weapon) Reward Bag, until it runs out of bags or your inventory is full.


Will sell all junk opened from the bags to a vendor with the following criteria. The Sell button will only become visible when you have a vendor window open.

  • Item must be in the default inventory bag, items in other bags are ignored
  • Item must be 1 or 2 pip only
  • Item must be Standard quality (green)
  • Item must be unbound
  • Item must be unranked (no levels and no XP)
  • 1 and 2 pip Extraordinary items will be sold, but they will after all other items (and be available in buyback)

There are also right click options on each button related to Tokyo container items:

Right clicking "Open" will provide an option to delete all Tokyo container clothing items.

Right clicking "Sell" provides an option to sell all unbound Tokyo container gadgets less than Legendary quality.

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