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Setup blockchain based loyalty dApp or Setup blockchain based Reward System

How to Set Up Loyalty Tokens on the XinFin Network

Need to set up a blockchain loyalty app but find the whole thing confusing? You're not alone. We created this guide to setting up a loyalty token on our blockchain loyalty platform to make life that little bit easier for our community.

Setting up a Blockchain Loyalty App – A Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Visit My Contract and set up your own Smart Contract. You can define the terms of your Loyalty Token Contract and enter all the details that you want to include, such as the name, symbol and total amount of tokens you would like supplied. Make sure you deploy the contract on the public XinFin Network.

Once the token has been both created and deployed on the public network you should download your own private key and store it in a safe place. We advise you to store your private key using a paper wallet, arguably the safest way to ensure its security.

Step 2: Setup the XinFin Full node to gain total control over both your private key and your data backup abilities.

Step 3: Install Dependencies. This step involves installing your dependencies. For this you will need to download and install Nodejs and npm if you do not already have them. The code you will need to install the dependencies is as follows:

Step 4: Install Dependencies.

git clone & cd Loyalty-Token

npm install xdc3@1.0.0-beta.41

Step 5: Use ready script file then teach the API Command to Manage your Loyalty Tokens with your ERP/CRM system

e.g. node Token_Transfer.js RPC_IP RPC_Port from_address to_address amount contract_address private_key decimals

Execute XRC20 Transfer : node Token_Transfer.js 443 xdcD000ea0B094EB93Bf4a545994048e630DFef922d xdca5b6045297fc6aec660a2769e3bad08acb2098b3 1000 xdc880997e0a6de5671e8fc9e7b5424cd07b51c9ab8 c3d09a56285d70a531128cec7eb5ae905070f17705d2e1d112eaafd7d257f29b 18

Other Useful Command






Ref Link:

Note: XinFin Network Replace Address start from OX to XDC


Public discussions on the technical issues. Please Join Below mention Public Chat or Group.

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If you have any questions, suggestions, or trouble while using Loyalty Token, feel free to open an issue. Your information will help team to make the product better.

  • If you find bug or crash, you can create issue
  • If you have any idea or suggestion to the application, we can make a discussion
  • For other questions, please ask


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