Live Hackathon on XinFin Network. Start Contribution and Get Free XDC
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Open Hackathon


To innovate and replace existing non-efficient closed systems with more transparent, efficient system using XinFin blockchain.


Participants are given complete freedom for choosing technology, programming languages etc. in the development of the application.

Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines.

Open Problem Statements

Below we have listed the problem statements which are open to all. In order to participate, create a proposal in the format specified & make a pull request.

Task 1: Optimize delegated proof of stake (DPoS) consensus

In DPoS, Restriction numbers of node make its more centralized while large number of nodes makes the system very slow. We are proposing Optimization in DPoS consensus. XinFin DPoS Development progress detail at:

Consensus Related References

a. POS- Proof Of Stake

b. Ethereum's Proof of Work ( ethash ).

c. Ethereum's Proof of Authority ( clique ).

d. Ethereum's Proof of Stake ( casper ).

e. Proof of Stake-Velocity ( POSV ).

f. Comparision ( POSV vs Clique ).

g. Smart contracts for PoS .

Blockchain Related References

a. XinFin-Network Stats, Wallet.

b. How to Setup XinFin Node.

c. XinFin Developer Resource.

d. XinFin Other Resource.

e. Ethereum.

f. Bitcoin.

Task 2: Cross Blockchain Interoperability of XinFin Network with R3 Corda Network

As a R3 Corda Partner XinFin going to provide bridge to access public state on XinFin Blockchain to R3 consortium of over 200+ financial institutions. We need to Create Bridge between XinFin Network and R3 Corda. This will create the ability to relay R3 Corda a limited set of data and transactions from privacy channels to the XinFin public network.

At the time of development of bridge keep below mentioned Standard:

a. ISO20022 Data Standard.

b. ERP data Standard.

c. Open Banking Standard.

d. SWIFT Data Standard.

XinFin and R3 Corda Blockchain References

a. XinFin-Network Stats, Wallet.

b. How to Setup XinFin Node.

c. XinFin Developer Resource.

d. XinFin Other Resource.

e. R3 Corda Github.

f. R3 Corda Developer Resource.

Bounty: 3 Million XDC (Valid upto 31st March, 2019)

Blockchain Interoperability References

a. Parity-Bridge.

b. Peace Bridge is an ETC-ETH bridge.

c. BTCRelay.

For Hackathons / Query

Join our Public Slack Group or Join our Telegram Developer Group for any technical Development related Issue.

Task 3 : XDCE Token Staking Function.

A staking mechanism requires users who offer compute power or other resources to the service takers in the ecosystem to put up a portion of their tokens in order to do so. If a user has no tokens to stake, but wants to support the network by providing resources they must purchase them. In exchange for staking their tokens and providing the service a financial reward is received. By forcing providers to take a financial risk you are weeding out bad actors.

Read more detailed requirement here

1 Million XDC Bounty for Staking function Contribution. Valid only upto 31st March 2019

DAPPS Related References

  1. Boilerplate DAPP.

  2. Dapp tutorial.

Solidity Related References

  1. Solidity docs.

For Hackathons

Below are the links to the specific problem statements for previously held hackathons. Join our Public Slack Group to stay updated with ongoing XinFin events.

Contacting Us

Join our Telegram Developer Group and put up your queries. We would love to answer your questions.

You can also join our Public Slack Group. Enter your E-mail ID and you will get an invite to our slack.