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🌟LilyGo T5 Epaper Series🌟

English | 中文

Quick start :

  1. Copy all the folders in the lib directory to "C:\User\<YourName>\Documents\Arduino\libraries"
  2. At the top of the sketch, define the model of the board and screen to be used
  3. Select ESP32 Dev Module in the development board, and keep the other options as default
  4. If you do not find the ESP32 series in the development board, then you should see the following installation method How to install ESP32 in ArduinoIDE
  5. For the version of the board you purchased, please check the product link below
  6. When you think there is a problem with your board, you can pull the binary file corresponding to your screen model in the firmware directory, follow the SETTING.png settings in the directory, download it to the board, and then observe the execution.

Product link📷:

Examples Product Link Schematic Status
T5 V2.2 Product link Schematic
T5 V2.3 Product link Schematic
T5 V2.4 Product link Schematic
T5 V2.8 Product link Schematic
T5 2.66" Product link Schematic
MINI E-Paper 1.02" Product link Schematic
T-Dispay E-paper 1.02" Product link Schematic

Example description:

├── GxEPD2_Z90_Eaxmple                       # 1.54" red black and white three-color electronic paper example,
├── GxEPD_Example                            # Suitable for all LilyGo electronic paper
├── GxEPD_Example2                           # Suitable for all LilyGo electronic paper
├── GxEPD_EPD_GPS_1.54inch                   # EPD + GPS example
├── GxEPD_Example_MP3                        # Example of playing MP3
├── GxEPD_Hello_world                        # EPD  Hello world example
├── GxEPD_RGB_LED                            # RGB LED example
├── GxEPD_SD_1.02_Example                    # 1.02" SD example
├── GxEPD_Partial_Update_Example             # Partial refresh example
├─  GxEPD_nRF2401_RelayCtrl_1.02_Exapmle     # Use Mini Epaper with 2.4G wireless module example to control T-Relay
│    └─TRelayExample                         # T-Relay use 2.4G Module examples
└── GxEPD_nRF2401_Sensor_1.02_Exapmle        # Using TTGO MINI E-Paper 1.02" epaper , Send sensor value via nRF24


  • The current version of LilyGo V2.13, the ink screen version is DEPG0213BN, please select DEPG0213BN in the sketch


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