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Over The Light - Private Home Automation System

YDAFD Made With Love

PRs Welcome

Over The Light is my personal project for home automation system that allows you to communicate with smart devices (sonoff) at home safely. The system automatically detects connected devices at home and adds them to the server to allow them to be controlled from the Android app or Wear OS app.

Attention: this project is under construction. The android app, or the server may not be work as expected. Need help or questions? contact me :)


Why Reinventing the Wheel?

dafaq is this repo? why am I reinventing the wheel?

Who has never wanted to try some smart IoT devices in their home? I am among these. The problem: the official app for this stuff, eWeLink, has several security problems.

  • security concerns (clear HTTP traffic to China)
  • terrible UI/UX
  • lack of features

My solution: build my own home automation system.

Smarter. More secure. Sexier.

OTL offers:

  • jwt + simmetric key + IP whitelist and authentication checks
  • supports all devices on mqtt
  • group IoT devices by topic
  • single or grouped device control
  • timers and actions
  • sexy UI
  • available on telegram, android, web and Postman (if you love raw requests 😏)
  • full customization (block specific commands, APIs, devices, topics)
  • compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa
  • logs


To run the entire project you need:

  • An instance of MQTT broker server
  • For shell testing, MQTT phao/mosquitto
  • Modify the config.json file accordingly
    "MQTT": {
        "MQTT_BROKER_ADDRESS" : "mqtt://",        // MQTT broker address  
        "MQTT_ALLOWED_DEVICES" : [                          // MQTT allowed devices to control from intranet
        "MQTT_ALLOWED_TOPICS" : [                           // MQTT allowed topics to control from intranet
        "MQTT_ALLOWED_COMMANDS" : [                         // MQTT allowed commands to control from intranet
            "ON", "OFF", "getstatus"
        "MQTT_ALLOWED_ACTION_FOR_COMMAND" : "control"       // MQTT allowed actions command
    "server" : {
        "SERVER_HOST" : "",                        // Server IP host
        "SERVER_PORT" : 5000,                               // Server port
        "FILENAME_LOG" : "out-log.log",                     // Server log file
        "ALLOWED_ACTIONS" : [                               // Server allowed API actions
    "jwt" : {
        "JWT_ALLOWED_USERS" : [ "mbp-fabio"],               // JWT allowed users
        "JWT_TOKEN_EXPIRATION" : "1h",                      // JWT token expiration (h)
        "JWT_PRIVATE_KEY" : "maow"                          // JWT signature
    "slack" : {
        "SLACK_WEBHOOK": "https://hooks.slack.com/...",     // Slack webhook
        "SLACK_CHANNEL": "#maow"                            // Slack channel

Then npm install and node server.js


Open the project with Android Studio.

The app UI should look like these (It would be different, I like to change the UI several times):

Please forgive me for the Android mockup on and iPhone X(s).

Auth and API call workflow

The authentication system uses jwt + key + client IP. You can open a larger version of the image HERE

System Workflow Connection

When a new device req. connection call this workflow. You can open a larger version of the image HERE

System Workflow Discovery

When a new device req. mqtt discovery call this workflow. You can open a larger version of the image HERE

Project Structure

Each folder of the repo represents a component

  • droid
    • Android app
    • Wear OS appIOT_Comunication.png
  • controller
    • all the components for back-end
      • server.js contains API handler
      • controller.js contains mqtt handler


Can I contribute?

Pull requests are allowed. Please read CONTRIBUTE.md first.