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Super Pedobear

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Meme flavoured hide and seek gamemode! Or also like Escape Pedobear but pvp with power-ups...

By default you're playing as a hiding which need to escape from the seeker(s)
The seekers are automatically chosen by the gamemode and it should be fair enough so everyone can play as a seeker


  • More seekers will spawn when there are more players!
  • Can be played on any map! (Best with PropHunt or dedicated spb_ maps)
  • Power-UPs!
  • Stamina for the hiding!
  • As a hiding you can use the playermodel you want!
  • Third person mode!
  • Spectator mode!
  • Welding system for the hiding!
  • Taunt system!
  • Music player/Jukebox!
  • Server owners can use the cvars and .json files to quickly configure/customize aspects of the gamemode!
  • Map makers can use and place gamemode entities! Check out the FGD


  • [Hiding] Clone: Clone yourself to bait the seekers or hide your clone somewhere to respawn on it later!
  • [Hiding] Boost: Gives 200% stamina!
  • [Hiding] Invisibility: Makes you invisible and invulnerable to the seekers!
  • [Seeker] Radar: Highlights all hidings for a limited time!
  • [Seeker] False Power-UP: It's a trap!

Some useful links


  • VictorienXP: The gamemode
  • Wubsy: spb_school, gamemode logos and van art
  • Pho3: Power-UPs icons, Xperidia's website design and logos

If you are in need of support or want to give feedback you can join the Xperidia Discord server! Xperidia Discord server