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A small particle renderer made with the SFML
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A small particule renderer made with the SFML

Linux Windows
Build Status Build status


Left click: Add walls
Right click: Remove walls
Escape: Display debug infos

Configuration file

Each elements of the configuration file must be separated by one empty space, empty lines and lines starting by '#' are ignored.
The file must be called config.txt and be placed near the executable.
The first line must contain the width and the height of the window.
Each other lines correspond to a particule spawner, for each of them you must provide the following arguments:

  • X and Y of the spawner
  • Color of the particles spawned
  • Spawn rate in ms

An example of the file is available here.

How to use from sources


Download the SFML and run 'make'

Windows (Visual Studio)

Download the SFML and link the libraries following the SFML tutorial then open the solution and launch the project

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