This tool will parse intercepted data from Summoners War and extract information on the monsters and runes of the user.
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Summoner's War Exporter

This tool will parse intercepted data from Summoner's War and extract information on the monsters and runes of the user. It works just like SWProxy and the focus was to write a smooth proxy, that runs fast and to fix common glitches with SWPRoxy (SW starting problems, errors on event pages etc.). You can even turn on Summoners War Exporter for normal surfing, because it doesnt really influence other pages much.


Downloading and Installation

  1. Go to the latest release.
  2. Download the package for your computer OS. Windows also offers a portable version which does not require installation.
  3. Run it!

Further instructions are available in the Help section of Summoner's War Exporter

Setting up for Development

Install node.js.

$ git clone
$ npm install
$ npm run dev
$ npm start

And you are ready to develop. We use ESLint for linting so make sure there are no linting errors before you submit a PR please.

Building Packages

At first you need to keep in mind that you can only build packages for your current used OS!

It is also important that the bundle.js is generated & update-to-date. You can accomplish that via

$ npm run dev

to start the Development script or just do

$ webpack

After that you have several possibilities.


For Windows you can build a Portable or Setup version (default: Setup). That's changeable via the package.json.

"win": {
  "target": [

Just change nsis to portable.

Building the packages

$ npm run dist:win32
$ npm run dist:win64


An AppImage package file will be build which is compatible with most common linux os.

$ npm run dist:linux


A typical DMG package file will be build.

$ npm run dist:mac

Setting up on a VPS

Basically the same like for the Development environment, but you need to set two process enrionment variables:

  1. port (set this to your liking)
  2. autostart (set this to true or 1, so that the proxy will start automatically)

Make sure you open the specific port in your firewall. This isnt ideal, because the UI, chromium, electron and the frontend will be loaded regardless. It's the best we can get without splitting off electron though.