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YIO (Your Input/Output) Touchscreen remote

YIO is a open source remote developed by a group of smart home enthusiasts. YIO as a OS/Software/Firmware is available for the raspberry Pi zero W (and dedicated hardware like IO, Display) while other hardware is technically supported. YIO allows users to directly interact with their smart home hub systems by using our modular integration system and extend it's usage to the feel and response of a high tech smart remote.

About this Wiki

This Wiki will provide all documentation regarding usage, hardware, software, features and more. Let us know if any documentation isn't clear or missing information.

Available Integrations

YIO interacts with other systems and devices by using a modular integration system. A integration allows YIO to support connected devices per integration. The list below shows supported integrations.

  • not yet supported, but planned
  • support available


  • Domoticz
  • Home Assistant (main)
  • Homey (main)
  • openHAB
  • Roon
  • Spotify (direct)
  • YIO Dock (mandatory)

Markings behind Integrations are used to show the following:
(direct) - Integration is used by YIO to directly communicate with hardware or software and not using a hub or platform in the middle.
(main) - Integration used by YIO Team developers to enhance the support YIO provides. These are most likely ahead of other integrations when it comes to support of new entities.
(mandatory) - Integration that is required to be available to make a great user experience.


Entities are the supported device types with YIO, The following entities are currently supported by YIO. New entities are being introduced with new YIO updates. The list below shows supported entities, be sure to check the integration documentation for the supported entities by a integration.

  • not yet supported, but planned
  • support available


  • Blinds
  • Lights
  • Media players
  • Heating
  • PVR / TV


See the development index page for a list of topics about the YIO Remote development.

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