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🌓 @FilmStoryboards drawers. Tumblr blog mirror.


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🌓 Repository for @FilmStoryboards drawers. Originally a mirror of @FilmStoryboards' Tumblr blog, build with Jekyll.

Source code

This is @FilmStoryboard's Drawers Surplus codebase. Its main goal is to serve as a storage for some of my current and older drawings, storyboards & illustrations.


This blog uses a slighlty modified version of Athena, a simple and elegant theme for Jekyll and GitHub Pages by Diana Mounter. Modifications are mainly to be found in —layoutsand _includes and consist in small tweaks to display images in the index and categories pages, added Gumroad integration and responsive video. No change in styling, except for smaller title size on posts to make images more prominent. Note that the search function will not work with GitHub Pages.


The content of this project itself, all illustrations & design works are © Yves JPL Capelle / alternatyves outc. / SOFAM. The underlying source code used to format and display that content (the theme) is available as open source under the terms the MIT License. If you want to use this version of Athena with said modifications, please remove the posts and illustrations content.

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