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Yanado Public SDKs

In this repository you can find generated SDKs for several languages: java, php, python, javascript, ruby.

Yanado public API follows OpenAPI specification and it generated with Swagger. Swagger allows developers generate their own clients (SDKs) for desired programming languages.

Click on the following link to read public API documentation: Yanado API Documentation

You can generate client libraries with swagger-codegen in more then 20 programming languages. Here is a list of languages supported at the moment:

akka-scala, android, apache2, apex, aspnet5, aspnetcore, async-scala, bash, csharp, clojure, cwiki, cpprest, CsharpDotNet2, dart, elixir, eiffel, erlang-server, finch, flash, python-flask, go, go-server, groovy, haskell, jmeter, jaxrs-cxf-client, jaxrs-cxf, java, inflector, jaxrs-cxf-cdi, jaxrs-spec, jaxrs, msf4j, java-play-framework, jaxrs-resteasy-eap, jaxrs-resteasy, javascript, javascript-closure-angular, java-vertx, kotlin, lumen, nancyfx, nodejs-server, objc, perl, php, php-symfony, powershell, pistache-server, python, qt5cpp, rails5, restbed, ruby, scala, scalatra, silex-PHP, sinatra, slim, spring, dynamic-html, html2, html, swagger, swagger-yaml, swift4, swift3, swift, tizen, typescript-angular2, typescript-angular, typescript-fetch, typescript-jquery, typescript-node, undertow, ze-ph

This mono-repository already holds 4 client libraries and scripts using which we have generated them. We encourage you to help us extend this list by adding a new scripts into the generate folder.

Lets see how to generate java client library (this script can be found in folder generate within this repository):

java -jar swagger-codegen-cli.jar generate \
  -i -l java \
  -o yanado-api-java \
  --model-package=com.yanado.model \
  --api-package=com.yanado.api \
  --invoker-package=com.yanado.invoker \
  --group-id=com.yanado \
  --artifact-id=public-api \
  --artifact-version=0.1 \
  -DdateLibrary=java8 \
  -Djava8=true \
  --library=okhttp-gson \
  -DdeveloperName=Savic\ Prvoslav \ \
  -DdeveloperOrganization=Yanado \
  -DdeveloperOrganizationUrl= \
  -Dlicence-url= \
  -DlicenceName=Yanado\ Licence

Generating other SDKs is similar, only parameters differ. For example, python codegen command would be :

java -jar swagger-codegen-cli.jar generate \
-i \
-l python  \
-o yanado-api-python \
-DpackageName=com_yanado_public_api \

The result of swagger-coden generating process is located in folders yanado-api-java, yanado-api-python etc. There you can see that client library is generated along with documentation with code examples for every operation.

Codegen is an open source project that can be found here along with detailed documentation.

Codegen requirements are

  • Java ( 7 runtime is minimum) installed or you can use Docker as well.
  • swagger-codegen-cli.jar located on your machine.


Download latest swagger-codegen-cli.jar and execute the help command or use commands above.

wget -O swagger-codegen-cli.jar

java -jar swagger-codegen-cli.jar help

Show all languages

java -jar swagger-codegen-cli.jar  langs

Show language specificic help (e.g. ruby)

java -jar swagger-codegen-cli.jar  config-help -l ruby

If you have any problems or questions do not hesitate to contact us.