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Google Chrome deactivated my extension and won't allow me to activate it again #524

CapBlackShot opened this Issue Jun 13, 2014 · 29 comments


Guys, what happened? I can not activate it again. Chrome says it may be unsafe and deactivated it automatically.


Chrome's last update will only allow web store hosted extensions.

Look at this: #493


Stupid idea but what can you do. Best option is to get TamperMonkey and use the userscript and hope that Google reverses or at least modifies this new practice.


I recommend doing what @Smokex365 sais. I do that myself, and it works good. It also seems to keep my settings after updates, whereas the chrome extension used to reset them each update.


It has to be in the Google Extensions official page in order to work.

@YePpHa please add it there so we can use it again. Thank you and awesome work with it by the way.

abyssis commented Jun 13, 2014

Only way I can think of to get this extension working, is by installing a dev version of Chrome, which can be found here:


Thank you, people! Apparently, I just tried to activate the developer mode on the extensions page and it worked.


MIC132 commented Jun 13, 2014

Just developer mode doesn't seem to work for me, but what works is unpacking the .crx, and then using "Load unpacked extension..." button in developer mode. You get an ugly warning each time you start chrome though.


@MIC132 You can try to activate developer mode, delete the extension and install it again.

abyssis commented Jun 13, 2014

@MIC132 You gotta install a dev version of Chrome browser for it to work (you won't get any ugly warnings).

MIC132 commented Jun 13, 2014

@CapBlackShot Oh, I tried that. It immediately deactivated it. But my workaround still works, and if they break that I'll switch to the userscript version..


Go to about:flags and enable this flag #extension-apis and then restart browser, and then try to re-enable the extension.


@ChromeCanary I didn't need it, but thank you so much for the info!


Oh, bad news! When I restarted my browser, the app blocked again, and your tip isn't working on the stable version of Chrome, @ChromeCanary! :(


Why does the developer putting it not in the Chrome web store???? It's only 5$ for an developer account and you can reach more users.

abyssis commented Jun 14, 2014

@slimmeke It might have something to do with YouTube/Google content policies (,

It's already been mentioned here #493.

YePpHa commented Jun 15, 2014

@slimmeke I have already paid the $5. I am planning on releasing YouTube Center when the next version of YouTube Center is released.


Now that's a good news!


@YePpHa Nice, man! Any "forecast" about the release?


Thank you @YePpHa !!
I'm back to Tampermonkey, but then I realized why I stopped using it with YTC months ago. It makes my browser lag so bad.

YePpHa commented Jun 17, 2014

I need to address some issues with the compatibility with the Firefox Nightly (possible a few other issues/bugs) and then I'm creating a website for YouTube Center which will be hosted on (what is shown on the page at the moment is not finished) where the new documentation of all the YouTube Center features will be located too. I will then make YouTube Center link to the new documentation that is under construction.

abyssis commented Jun 17, 2014

@YePpHa I've read the FAQ on your website, but is there any ETA regarding the new Chrome extension? As you might know the current extension is being blocked by the recent Chrome updates and having to use Tampermonkey to get things working is just pain in the ass.


I actually like using it as an unpacked extension because i don't need to install it on every chrome user profile on my pc when YTC is updated... i just need to replace the folder and every user is automatically updated, except for the settings.


@YePpHa Nice job! Thank you so much for the app!


For Win7/8:

1) download Chrome group policy templates here:
2) Copy [zip]\windows\admx\chrome.admx to c:\windows\policydefinitions
3) Copy [zip]\windows\admx[yourlanguage]\chrome.adml to c:\windows\policydefinitions[yourlanguage]\chrome.adml (not c:\windows[yourlanguage])
4) In Chrome, go to Settings -> Extensions
5) Check the Developer Mode checkbox at the top
6) Scroll down the list of disabled extensions and note the ID's of the extensions you want to enable. LogMeIn, for example, is ID: nmgnihglilniboicepgjclfiageofdfj
7) Click Start -> Run, and type gpedit.msc
8) Expand User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Google -> Google Chrome -> Extensions
9) Double-click to open "Configure extension installation whitelist"
10) Select "Enabled", then click "Show..."
11) In the list, enter all the ID's for the extensions you noted in Step 6
12) Click OK and restart Chrome.

"Even though the 'Enable' box LOOKED grayed, it allowed me to check it.
The extensions work for me. "



@mikalauskas Thank you! I can try this.


@mikalauskas thank you very much for sharing, it works now.

I prefer this solution because there's another extension that I need but blocked because of the new Chrome policy.

Thanks again.

force2b commented Jun 27, 2014

@mikalauskas Thank you for the steps. Easy to do and saves me a ton of work everytime I restart the browser!


@mikalauskas, make all that you write, don't help, nothing happend, youtube extantion has, can enable it, but doesn't work ;(


@mikalauskas Thanks, this worked for me. This should be enough to last until a web store release.

@YePpHa YePpHa closed this Jul 10, 2014
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