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A fast mysql binlog parser
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ybinlogp - a fast mysql binlog parsing utility

ybinlogp is a mysql utility for analyzing mysql binlogs. It provides a library, libybinlogp, which has a really terrible build system, a little tool documented below which uses this library, and a python-ctypes wrapper that exposes some critical functionality (namely, opening a binlog, reading from it, and handling query, xid, and rotate events).


ybinlogp [options] binlog-file


  • -o OFFSET Find events after a given offset
  • -t TIME Find events after a given unix timestamp
  • -a NUMBER Print N events after the given one (accepts 'all')
  • -D DBNAME Filter out query statements not on database DBNAME
  • -q Be quieter (may be specified multiple times)
  • -h Show help


If you have a replicated MySQL instance, you're probably used to ocassionally seeing it freak out. ybinlogp lets you just put in a time or offset and see exactly what was going on around then. Compare this to the default mysql binlog parser, which uses the linked list feature in the binlogs and so is uselessly slow when dealing with anything past the first few events (and also doesn't have a time search feature; how often do you actually know what the offset of an event is?)


ybinlogp was developed by some engineers at Yelp for use with their MySQL installation. The initial development was done by James Brown (; Evan Klitzke ( worked on some bugfixes and a partially-complete Python API, and Eskil Olsen ( has a branch that does some crazy stuff with Boost.


It's Github... Fork away!


This work is available under the ISC (OpenBSD) license. The full contents are available as license.txt

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