Spoken language identification with deep learning


Spoken language identification with deep learning

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Theano/Lasagne models are here. The basic steps to run them are:

  • Download the dataset from here or use your own dataset.
  • Create spectrograms for recording using create_spectrograms.py or augment_data.py. The latter will also augment the data by randomly perturbing the spectrograms and cropping a random interval of length 9s from the recording.
  • Create listfiles for training set and validation set, where each row of the a listfile describes one example and has 2 values seperated by a comma. The first one is the name of the example, the second one is the label (counting starts from 0). A typical listfile will look like this.
  • Change the png_folder and listfile paths in theano/main.py.
  • Run theano/main.py.