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Bolt (Grav theme)

A simple theme for GRAV that utilizes css grids and variables.

Warning: This theme requires a very specific setup and it might not be suited for your needs. I wrote this theme for my own website.
Check my demo repo for a possible setup.


  • Pure HTML and CSS
  • Different templates:
    • Default
    • Blog
    • Post
    • Columns
    • Gallery
    • Chapter
    • Docs
  • Dropdown menus
  • A configurable sidebar (can be customized in the page layout settings from the admin panel).
  • A breakpoint at 800px that enables the mobile layout.




Page Templates

All page templates contain a sidebar. Its position can be set in the Layout Settings (see further below).


The default layout displays page contents normally.


This template displays its children via the Pagination plugin.


This template is for blog posts. It displays the page title and the date.


Divides the page content at horizontal lines --- and displays it in columns. Their width can be set in the Layout Settings.


Similarly to the Columns template, it divides the page content at horizontal lines and displays the segments as gallery entries.


Insipred by the Learn2 Chapter layout. It displays a large heading and a table of child pages.


Also inspired by Learn2. Displays the site title as a large heading with a horizontal line. Otherwise similar to Default.

Layout Settings

The layout settings can be set per-page in the Grav admin panel. Look out for the new Layout Settings tab in the page editor.
Nearly all settings have a global option that can be set in the theme settings, per-template.

Sidebar Layout

Select the sidebar location. The options including the showcase will enable a box with a ranom picture from the page folder.

Sidebar Content

In addition to the child pages of the current site, you can also display another page's contents in the sidebar. Provide the path to the page, e.g. /downloads/more/.


Enable or disable the showcase.

Table of Contents

Show or hide the table of child pages in the sidebar.

Horizontal Table of Contents

Display the table horizontally rather than as a list. This is useful for the horizontal sidebar layouts.


The custom.css file in user/themes/bolt/css/ can be enabled in the theme settings and can be used to alter the style of the theme.
variables.css contains link and text colors as well as some dimensions for the grid layout.
style.css contains most of the style.

The sidebar layouts can be customized in the user/themes/bolt/css/layouts folder.

The favicon and the page background reside in user/themes/bolt/images.
You can updload your own images there and set them in the theme settings.


Supported/required Grav plugins:

  • Breadcrumbs
  • Pagination
  • TNT Search
  • Toc


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