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Mesh Partitioning Toolbox -- meshpart


This toolbox contains Matlab code for several graph and mesh partitioning methods, including geometric, spectral, geometric spectral, and coordinate bisection. It also has routines to generate recursive multiway partitions, vertex separators, and nested dissection orderings; and it has some sample meshes and mesh generators.


Tapir Graph Spectral Partition
Geometric Partition Geometric Spectral Partition
Triangular Mesh Recursive Geometric Partition
Nested Dissection Reordering for Choleskey Factorization
Image of Yaktocat

See "test/meshdemo" for detailed examples.


Partitioning methods

Name Description
geopart Geometric.
specpart Spectral.
gspart Geometric spectral.
coordpart Coordinate bisection.
inertpart Inertial bisection.

Multiway partitions

Name Description
dice Use any 2-way partitioner to get a multiway partition.
geodice Recursive geometric partitioning.
specdice Recursive spectral partitioning.
gsdice Recursive geometric spectral partitioning.

Vertex separators

Name Description
vtxsep Convert a 2-way partition to a vertex separator.
geosep Vertex separator from geometric partitioning.
specsep Vertex separator from spectral partitioning.

Nested dissection

Name Description
ndperm Use any 2-way partitioner for nested dissection.
geond Geometric nested dissection ordering.
specnd Spectral nested dissection ordering.
gsnd Geometric spectral nested dissection ordering.

Meshes and graph generators

Name Description
meshes.mat Three sample meshes with coordinates:
     Eppstein A 2D finite-element mesh with 547 nodes.
     Smallmesh A 2D finite-element mesh with 136 nodes.
     Tapir A 2D finite-element mesh with 1024 nodes.
grid5 2D square 5-point mesh.
grid7 2D square 7-point mesh.
grid9 2D square 9-point mesh.
gridt 2D triangular mesh.
grid3d 3D cubical mesh.
grid3dt 3D cubical simplicial mesh.
badmesh A mesh that has no good straight-line cut.
cockroach A mesh for which spectral bisection does poorly.
treexpath A mesh for which spectral bisection does poorly.
tree3xpath A mesh for which spectral bisection does poorly.

Visualization and graphics

Name Description
gplotpart Draw a 2-way partition.
gplotmap Draw a multiway partition.
ghighlight Draw a mesh with some vertices highlighted.
gplotg Draw a 2D or 3D mesh (replaces Matlab's gplot).


Name Description
analyze Predict fill, opcount, etc. for an elimination ordering.
cutsize Find or count edges cut by a partition.
fiedler Fiedler vector of a graph.
contract Condense a graph according to a given block structure.
blockdiags Create matrix with specified block diagonals.


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Thanks to Tim Davis for updating the toolbox to Matlab 5; to George Karypis, Vipin Kumar, and Robert Bridson for Metis and its interface; and to Bruce Hendrickson and Robert Leland for Chaco in previous versions.