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SyncedStore CRDT

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(This library was previously called "Reactive-CRDT")

SyncedStore is an easy-to-use library for building collaborative applications that sync automatically. It's built on top of Yjs, a proven, high performance CRDT implementation.


View the documentation with interactive code samples


Have a look at the collaborative Todo list examples (React, Vue) to get up to speed.

example app screencapture

  • Open live demo: React or Vue (Of course, open multiple times to test multiplayer)
  • Edit / view on Codesandbox React / Vue

Source in: examples/todo-react and examples/todo-vue.


Yjs is a very powerful CRDT, but it's API is mostly targeted to create high-performant data bindings for (rich text) editors.

I wanted to explore whether we can abstract the existing Yjs API away, and make it extremely easy to integrate it as a Collaborative Data Store into existing applications.

There were two major design decisions:

  • Instead of data types like Y.Map, and Y.Array, can we just use plain Javascript objects and arrays?
    • e.g.: = value instead of doc.getMap("inner").getMap("outer").getMap("inner").get("value")
  • Instead of having to call .observe manually, can we integrate with a Reactive Functional Programming library to do this automatically?
    • e.g.: wrap your code in autorun or use useSyncedStore (React), or Vue's reactive model and automatically observe all used values from the store.

Would love to hear your feedback!

Credits ❤️

SyncedStore builds directly on Yjs and Reactive. It's also inspired by and builds upon the amazing work by MobX and NX Observe.