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moul commented Oct 1, 2020

This meta issue contains various ideas that may never be implemented, it's a good place to put things that could create useless noise in the issues section


  • add a way to configure the CLI and apps to have two loggers, a full one in JSON in a file + a filtered one formatted for console on stdout
  • add i18n support on CLI help messages
  • add i18n support on error message
ssimic2 commented Apr 20, 2022

As part of FHL week we have created simple telemetry-based container debugger that can be used to observe underlining container state and events, while running FF-based web applications. Initial goal of this project was to offer it as a learning tool for new developers joining in, who want to get familiar with what is h

good first issue
bieniusa commented May 30, 2022

In #477 we relaxed the requirements on squashing updates on the same CRDT in a single transactions into one operation as this is infeasible for some operations and CRDT types.
Need to add a test to document that this is allowed now.

good first issue
kazekyo commented Sep 21, 2020

Hi, thank you for making a great plugin.

We previously created our own plugin for our company based on this repository.
I'd like to share some points we noticed when we created it. We deleted it in the end because we no longer need collaborative editing features, though.
This is not an issue, so you can close this “issue” after you read it. I just want to pay you back.
I'm sorry I haven't

enhancement help wanted good first issue

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