Matrix server (synapse) for yunohost
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Synapse for YunoHost

Integration level
Install Synapse with YunoHost

This package allows you to install synapse quickly and simply on a YunoHost server.
If you don't have YunoHost, please see here to know how to install and enjoy it.


Instant messaging server matrix network.

Yunohost chatroom with matrix :

Shipped version: 0.31.1


Install for ARM arch (or slow arch)

For all slow or arm architecture it's recommended to build the dh file before the install to have a quicker install. You could build it by this cmd : mkdir -p /etc/matrix-synapse && openssl dhparam -out /etc/matrix-synapse/dh.pem 2048 > /dev/null After that you can install it without problem.

The package uses a prebuilt python virtual environnement. The binary are taken from this repository: The script to build the binary is also available.

Web client

If you want a web client you can also install riot with this package: .

Access by federation

To be accessible by the federation you need to put the following line in the dns configuration:

_matrix._tcp.<> <ttl> IN SRV 10 0 <port> <>

for example 3600    IN      SRV     10 0 SYNAPSE_PORT

You need to replace SYNAPSE_PORT by the real port. This port can be obtained by the command: yunohost app setting SYNAPSE_INSTANCE_NAME synapse_tls_port

If it is not automatically done, you need to open this in your ISP box.


For Voip and video conferencing a turnserver is also installed (and configured). The turnserver listens on two UDP and TCP ports. You can get them with these commands:

yunohost app setting synapse turnserver_tls_port
yunohost app setting synapse turnserver_alt_tls_port

To have a fully functional turnserver you need to open these ports (if it is not automatically done) on your ISP box.

Important Security Note

We do not recommend running Riot from the same domain name as your Matrix homeserver (synapse). The reason is the risk of XSS (cross-site-scripting) vulnerabilities that could occur if someone caused Riot to load and render malicious user generated content from a Matrix API which then had trusted access to Riot (or other apps) due to sharing the same domain.

We have put some coarse mitigations into place to try to protect against this situation, but it's still not a good practice to do it in the first place. See for more details.


YunoHost specific features

Multi-users support

Supported with LDAP.

Supported architectures

  • Tested on x86_64
  • Tested on ARM (with specific build)


Synapse uses a lot of ressource. So on slow architecture (like small ARM board), this app could take a lot of CPU and RAM.

This app doesn't provide any real good web interface. So it's recommended to use Riot client to connect to this app. This app is available here


Additional information


All documentation of this section is not warranted. A bad use of command could break the app and all the data. So use these commands at your own risk.

Before any manipulation it's recommended to do a backup by this following command :

sudo yunohost backup create --verbose --ignore-system --apps synapse

Set user as admin

Actually there are no functions in the client interface to set a user as admin. So it's possible to enable it manually in the database.

The following command will grant admin privilege to the specified user:

su --command="psql matrix_synapse" postgres <<< "UPDATE users SET admin = 1 WHERE name = '@user_to_be_admin:domain.tld'"

Disable backup in upgrade

To solve the issue #30 you can disable the backup in the upgrade by setting to true the key disable_backup_before_upgrade in the app setting. You can set it by this command :

yunohost app setting synapse disable_backup_before_upgrade -v 1

Multi instance support

To give a possibility to have multiple domains you can use multiple instances of synapse. In this case all instances will run on different ports so it's really important to put a SRV record in your domain. You can get the port that you need to put in your SRV record with this following command:

yunohost app setting synapse__<instancenumber> synapse_tls_port

Before installing a second instance of the app it's really recommended to update all existing instances.

Migration from old package

The old synapse package had some problems, the package has been reviewed in the summer 2017. The old package was made with the debian package with the synapse apt repos. The database used sqlite. To improve the performance and to have a better compatibility the new package uses python virtual environment and postgresql as database. The Upgrade was made to make the migration from the old package to the new package. The part of this script is available here : .

This script tries to upgrade the app without any problem but it could happen that something fails and in this case the restoration is NOT guaranteed to be successful. So it's REALLY recommended to make MANUAL a backup before this big upgrade.

To check if you use the old synapse package type this command: sudo yunohost app setting synapse synapse_version

  • If the command returns nothing you are using the old package.
  • If the command returns something like 0.25.1 you are using the new package.

To do a backup before the upgrade use this command : sudo yunohost backup create --verbose --ignore-system --apps synapse

If anything fails while you are doing the upgrade please create an issue here:


Synapse is published under the Apache License:

Developers infos

Please do your pull request to the testing branch.

To try the testing branch, please proceed like that:

sudo yunohost app install --verbose
sudo yunohost app upgrade synapse -u --verbose