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NicolasHug commented Apr 6, 2018

For now only strings are accepted as the measures parameter in GridSearchCV, RandomizedSearchCV, and cross_validate. It's thus impossible to use those with measures that take specific parameters as input (e.g. #156 ), or to use custom measures.

We should then accept callables in addition to strings.

Each callable should only take the predictions parameter. In order to handle measur

kittykat commented Sep 1, 2021

Steps to reproduce

  1. Left menu -> "Add Space"
  2. "Public"
  3. Name -> thisisanamespacewithareallylongnamefornoreasonotherthantotesttheerrorthrownforrisiculouslylongnamespacesbecasuesoempeoplewilltrytonamethingsreallyobscurenamesbecausetheycanbefunsometimesbutapparentlyelementdoesntreallysupportthemorsoiwillfindoutsoooooooooooooooooooooooon
    -> Space address is auto-filled
  4. Click on "NEXT

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