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Web terminal emulator in various implementations
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Sadly, newer versions of Go (starting from 1.1) do not 'like' when yo…

…u use fork, so I had to offload pseudoterminal work to a separate process. And a very sad thing is that for now I dropped support for dynamic terminal resizing because some adjustments need to be made into the protocol for 'pt' utility before it becomes a possibility. Other things should work as before.



	Terminal emulator using websocket and selectel pyte library rewritten in JS

		- Install go at
		- Make binary "term-ws" by running
		    go get -u
		- Change port and password if you want in shell-ws.php
		- You can also customize bashrc if you want
		- Create writable (empty) "ws.log" in "term-ws/" directory,
		  otherwise daemon will be unable to start
		- Point your web browser to shell-ws.php and have fun!
		  (any browser with websocket support should work)
		- If you have problems, you probably would need to compile
		  "pt" utility as well. See build instructions in pt.c header
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