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Releases: Zarh/ManaGunZ

Nightly Release

23 Jan 23:06
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Nightly Release Pre-release

Up-to-date packages including the latest updates to the repository.

  • Unless otherwise specified, this release has not been thoroughly tested.
  • For included changes, see the commit log.

Use at your own risk.

ManaGunZ v1.41

02 Jan 18:39
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Add : On dump BR functions, it checks if sys_storage_read succeeded. See notes (1).
Add : Toggle in "Settings/Blu-Ray dumper" to disable/enable the check on sys_storage_read.
Add : Toggle in "Settings/Blu-Ray dumper" to add an embedded 3k3y header inside the iso.
Remove : Disc key 3k3y header. See note (2).
Add : A result screen is displayed just after the dumping process finished.
Fix : IRD build, sometimes the iso header length was too big.
Add : Decrypt EDAT/SDAT.
Fix : JB md5 check, it removes the ultimate dot from filename. See:
Add : Dump files for It generates the same files as GetKey-r2-GameOS.
Fix : Freeze when creating directory inside ntfs/exFAT devices. (bug introduced in v1.39)
Add : DynaRec by IngPereira and DeanK. Tested with ps3sx
Fix : Issue with IRD build on region hashes and Data2.
Add : TranslateMGZ, it's a tools to translate ManaGunZ with LibreTranslate API.
Add : Flow3D setting to align game boxes.
Add : Flow3D setting to adjust gap between game boxes.
Change : Flow3D, I increased the zoom of the selected game case (press L3).
Fix : Square picture 320x320 used by webMAN MOD and sman in XMB won't be stretched anymore.
Add : PS3 hdd unlock by 3141card. Go to Setting>System>Hdd0 unlock.

(1) This is mostly for damaged disc, some sectors might be unreadable because of scratches.
It will try to read the damaged sector 30 times. You can change the amount of attempts in settings.
If it's still no readable, the process will stop or continue according to what is set in settings.
(2) I removed it because I don't see the point of having this file alone, I didn't find any tool using it.
To have a backup with an embedded 3k3y header go to "Settings/Blu-Ray dumper" and enable "Include 3k3y header".

Special Note about IRD database:

  • The database won't accept upload of ird made by a version older than 1.41.
  • You can download IRD on :

7693629675c2f4d3f8986bae1c314903 FileManager_v1.41.pkg
046cb58d5bd59cbfda7dc7f4e214c3cb ManaGunZ_v1.41.pkg

ManaGunZ v1.40

12 Jun 13:17
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Fix : Dock buttons when the window is docked to the left.
Fix : IRD build of backups with PKGDIR.
Fix : Shortcut pkg.
Add : Scans sub-folders to find backups.
Add : Support fw 4.88C.
Add : Updated mamba v8.40 from June 06, 2021.

ManaGunZ v1.39

04 May 15:20
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Fix: Display issue with game title containing new line character '\n'.
Fix: No more freeze when the firmware is unknown/new. I'm not sure how I fixed it tho.
Fix: XMB UI won't display 'adjust your filters' on boot of MGZ if you unchecked 'PS3' filter.
Add: Support new/different PS2 CONFIG from /dev_hdd0/game/PS2CONFIG. They are displayed with the prefix '[DB]'.
Add: IRD check is more accurate. See notes (3)
Add: Updated mamba to 8.3 from
Add: OffsetFinder support every symbols/hash needed to build cobra & mamba 8.3
Add: Support exFAT. See notes (2).
Add: Support HEN & CFW 4.87C.
Add: Logs option. It saves loading logs at "/dev_hdd0/tmp/mgz.log".
Add: Debug option. It slows the messages displayed on screen during loadings.
Add: multiMAN payload is now firmware independent.
Add: New CUSTOM PS2 CONFIG files from webMAN MOD by aldostools December 14, 2020. Special thanks to kozarovv and mrjaredbeta.
Add: New ps2 widescreen pnatchs from forum January 13, 2021.
Add: Reset position of filter box.
Add: Reworked the game updates manager.
Add: dev_bdvd is displayed.
Add BDVD option: Dump encrypted Blu-Ray disc.
Add BDVD option: Dump disc key.
Add BDVD option: Dump decrypted Blu-Ray disc with its IRD. See notes (1).
Add BDVD option: Copy, it will copy the content of the BR to a directory.
Add BDVD option: Properties, same as JB backup.
Add Settings/System tools: Dump eid_root_key, 3Dump.bin, lv1, lv2 and fix permission for dev_hdd0.
Add FileManager: Convert any supported picture to PNG.
Add FileManager: It won't show dev_blind and dev_rebug anymore, instead it will display a protected/unprotect dev_flash with a lock icon.
Add FileManager: Extract RAR files.

Notes :

  1. When you use the option 'Dump decrypted Blu-Ray disc', it will also generate an ird.
    The ird file is automatically uploaded to an online database if it's a new one.
    If you don't want to upload the ird then disable internet ;)
  2. It's very slow ! It still needs some improvement/fix : ~1MiB/s instead of ~10MiB/s.
    I used the FatFs module ported to ps3 (psl1ght) by tps/lmirel
    I increased the number of volume to support usb device from 0 for dev_usb000 to 127 for dev_usb127, 128 for dev_sd, 129 for dev_cf and 130 for dev_ms.
    Multi-partition is disabled.
    To support exFAT without changing to much code in ManaGunZ I included 2 files, exFAT.c and mgz_io.c
    exFAT.c : it allows you to manage the exFAT devices : mount, unmount etc.
    mgz_io.c : it replaces several standard functions (some of them are slow/broken in psl1ght anyway) with new ones that support ps3 native file system (ufs2, fat16, fat32), ntfs and exFAT.
    The prefix "exFAT" is used to detect if it's an exFAT device in mgz_io.c
    I did few modifications in the lib:
    • enabled GPT with FF_LBA64
    • changed FF_VOLUMES from 8 to 131
    • modified how the lib 'catch' the volume id to be able to have more than 1 digit id
  3. Before downloading the ird and checking the MD5, it will check if the following values matchs.
    • TITLE_ID
    • APP_VER
    • PUP version, if there isn't PUP it will use PS3_SYSTEM_VERS

ManaGunZ v1.38

30 May 23:07
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Add : Support CFW/HEN 4.86C.
Add FileManager : PictureViewer : support DDS, GTF, BMP, WEBP, TIFF, TGA, GIM and mores...
Fix FileManager : The scroll bar is now visible.
Fix : ManaGunZ won't set chinese language when the PS3 system is set with german language.
Removed : SHA-1 calculation from file properties.

ManaGunZ v1.37

11 Sep 21:58
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Add : Support the firmware 4.85C.
Fix : Issue with syscall 35. It fix the function to mount JB backups with cobra or mamba, among others.
Fix FileManager : Issue to open /dev_bdvd.
Add FileManager : Symbolic links. See Notes (1).

Notes :
(1) It use cobra/mamba syscall 35.
For example if you want to redirect app_home to dev_bdvd
_ Select app_home (square)
_ Option (triangle) then select "SymLink source" (cross)
_ Select dev_bdvd (square)
_ Option (triangle) then select "Symlink target" (cross)

ManaGunZ v1.36

21 Oct 21:18
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Add : Support PS3HEN. I removed every feature unsupported by the HEN (tested on HEN 2.3.1).
Add : Updated widescreen db from pcsx2 github.
Add : If you don't use R2 to manage speed, the speed is increased when you hold a button.
Add : For UI FLOW, a scroll bar appears when you browse quickly your backups list.
Add : Changed VRAM mapping to manage more backups. See notes(1).
Add : Show RGBA values when you edit a color.
Change : When you hold circle to quit, there is only one loading ring instead of 3.
Add : You can add a color filter on some pictures. See notes (2).
Add : Settings menu is splitted in 3 level instead of 2.
Add : Platform filter for UI XMB.
Fix : It scan dev_cf (compact flash) instead of dev_cd.
Add : 'Yes/No' settings are replaced by a toggle.
Add : New theme icons for the toggle.
Fix : Rawseciso isn't a fself anymore. It fix issue with iso from ntfs with a PS3HEN.
Fix : Issue with ps2 elf crc. It fix several issues with iso patching options like when 'disable widescreen' was unavailable.
Fix : Pnach wasn't properly translated to .CONFIG, wrong endianness in replacement opcode.
Fix : To avoid issues with some characters, the name of game settings files use title_id instead of title.
Remove : I removed "Shortcut pkg" option because it's broken. I'll fix it later.
Add FileManager : More informations of devices : capacity, file system, name, label, writable.
Add FileManager : Several predefined root display is available. Also, you can customize your own display in settings.
Add FileManager : Specifics options are available if you select several files with the same extension. For example, you can extract 3 pkg in a row.
Add FileManager : New theme icons used for the closebox, the dockbox and the cursor.
Add FileManager : Support UTF8 filename and also their content with the TXTviewer.
Add OffsetFinder : It generate every files to update managunz to a new firmware. Type 'make update'.

Notes :
(1) Every game pictures are stored in a 512KB slot memory in bitmap format.
For Flow3D, it's stored in 2MB slots, there is less slots.
The dimention of the game pictures is limited.
We can calculate its size = Width x Height x Pitch
I use ARGB texture, the pitch is 4.
The picture size must respect :
Width x Height < 0x20000 = (512 x 1024) /4
And in Flow3D :
Width x Height < 0x80000 = (2 x 1024 x 1024) /4

To not have any memory issue, I suggest you to use the following dimensions:

Picture Width Height
ICON0 320 176
COVER PS1 250 250
COVER PS2 250 350
COVER PS3 260 300
COVER PSP 200 340
COVER3D PS1 BACK 600 450
COVER3D PS2 850 570
COVER3D PS3 950 520
COVER3D PSP 800 640

(2) You can choose the color filter with (R1) in settings.
It's available for BG, BGS, SIDEBAR, BOXBODY, BOXHEAD and NOTIF pictures.
You can add these colors in colorset.ini file too.
If you don't write a colors in colorset.ini it will be disabled.

ManaGunZ v1.35

22 Mar 22:14
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Add : Support 4.84C & 4.84D
Fix : fixed Mamba payloads for D-REX not properly loading modules hashes

Note : update by littlebalup, thank you.

ManaGunZ v1.34

25 Oct 16:56
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Add : 4.83C support.
Add : New loading icon.
Add : Scan to /dev_sd, /dev_ms/ and /dev_cd.
Fix : Apply pnatch (bug introduced in previous update).
Add offsetfinder : IDPSet & ERK_dumper offsets.
Add : Definitions files from RCOmageMOD.
Add : Game TAGS.

ManaGunZ v1.33

10 Apr 22:33
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Fix : reading issue with splitted iso.
Add : 482D support
Add : Game option "Join".
Add FileManager : Option "Join" to join files to the current path.