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Hacked together script for feeding urls into Burp's Sitemap
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A tool for passing and adding a list of URLs to Burp's sitemap/target tab, really useful for populating the targets tab with a big list of URLs. Originally an idea that @InfoSecPS and I threw together, then I tweaked and hacked together this chaos!

This tool comes in two flavours; the standard version, which is non-threaded and the threaded version which has threading built in!


To set this up, you'll need the following:

Chuck your target URLs or IPs in a file, can be named whatever but must have http/https prefixed at the start of line for this to work. Additionally you'll want to edit line 15 (example below), depending on what the IP of your burp proxy is. Either done via localhost or if in a Virtual Machine feed the listening address of burp (you'll need to flip the proxy interface to listening on all interfaces).

proxy = {
                "http": "http://localhost:8080",
                "https": "https://localhost:8080",

When you've got all of this setup you can refer to usage.


python targets.txt

To igrnore warnings you can supress them with this:

python -W ignore targets.txt

This will probably throw errors but alas it's a hacky tool 😉

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