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Crossout DB


We are not affiliated with Gaijin or Targem games in any way. We are just two guys with a passion for markets and games 😄

Readme Update: 2019-05-24

A few months ago, when a Crossout patch encrypted the game files, we contacted the developers of Crossout and we got in touch whith each other. They worked with us to provide a very basic, private API to get the current market data every ~5 min. This enabled us to continue this project.

Crafting Calculator, Price Graphs, Margins and more.

This is the Open Source Project for Crossout Market found here: it provides out of game prices, buy and sell offers as well as price and volume graphs. Also new are item stats, item descriptions, filters and improved usage of datatables.

Screenshot of the main page:

Crossout Market

Example of the Clarinet Tow item page:

Clarinet Tow Chart

Example of recipe view:

Armored track recipe

Example of stats view:

Hurricane stats


This readme currently only covers some basics, please join our IRC channel if you need any help, with setting everything up properly.

You will need a few things to setup first:

  • MySQL Server 5.x
  • Visual Studio with .Net 4.6 installed.
  • Some experience with Web Development.

Start with Forking the repo and import the MySQL from /Schema/crossout_structure_and_data_no_market.sql on your machine.

Then create the settings file in %appdata%/CrossoutWeb/WebSettings.json or start the project once since the file is created then and edit the file.

  "CurrentVersion": "0.7.0",
  "DatabaseName": "crossout",
  "DatabaseHost": "localhost",
  "DatabasePassword": "your db password",
  "DatabaseUsername": "your db username",
  "DatabasePort": 3306,
  "SignalrHost": "localhost",
  "WebserverPort": 80,
  "DataHost": "localhost",
  "GoogleConsumerKey": "",
  "GoogleConsumerSecret": "",
  "FileCarEditorWeaponsExLua": "Resources\\Data\\0.7.0\\gamedata\\def\\ex\\car_editor_weapons_ex.lua",
  "FileCarEditorCabinsLua": "Resources\\Data\\0.7.0\\gamedata\\def\\ex\\car_editor_cabins.lua",
  "FileCarEditorDecorumLua": "Resources\\Data\\0.7.0\\gamedata\\def\\ex\\car_editor_decorum.lua",
  "FileCarEditorWheelsLua": "Resources\\Data\\0.7.0\\gamedata\\def\\ex\\car_editor_wheels.lua",
  "FileCarEditorCoreLua": "Resources\\Data\\0.7.0\\gamedata\\def\\ex\\car_editor_core.lua",
  "FileStringsEnglish": "Resources\\Data\\0.7.0\\strings\\english\\string.txt"

You may need to start Visual Studio as Administrator for Nancy or Owins Selfhost to work.

CrossoutDB API

Our api provides all data we have gathered so far, in an easy to use form.

Current API Version 1

General Information about the API

The API provides Json formatted data models and are as self-explanatory as possible, if you have any questions you can join our IRC channel and we try to help.

All API endpoints currently use GET.

Even though the API is versioned, it can still change at any time without further notice. Hopefully there will be only fixes, but you have been warned :)

Do you have Ideas for more endpoints? Join our IRC or make an issue on our Github repository to tell us :)

Base URL



Results a list of all rarities



Results a list of all factions



Results a list of all types



Results a list of all categories



Results a list of items, optionally filtered by parameters.


Optional Parameters

rarity : filters by rarity
category : filters by category
faction : filters by factions
removedItems : shows removed items (default false)
metaItems : shows meta items (default false)
query : search string




Results one item.


Mandatory Parameter

{item:int} : item id




Results the recipe of the given item. Includes the item and item stats for the item itself.

The recipe data structure is kind of complex and consists of all fields, we need on our site.


Mandatory Parameter

{item:int} : item id



Recipe Deep

Results the recipe of the given item. Includes the item and item stats for the item itself.

Recursively results all the ingredients for the items ingredients too.


Mandatory Parameter

{item:int} : item id




Results the market data in the form of an array. The First column is the timestamp and the second is the raw data value.


Mandatory Parameters

{name} : market column (sellprice, buyprice, selloffers, buyorders)
{item:int} : item id

Optional Parameters

unixTimestamp : use unix timestamps instead of the datetime type

Please note that prices are not formatted and are represented by full decimal values.

So to format, just divide by 100. For Example: 5125 / 100 = 51.25

Market All

Results all columns of market data in the form of an array.

0 = id
1 = sellprice
2 = buyprice
3 = selloffers
4 = buyorders
5 = datetime
6 = UNIX_TIMESTAMP(datetime)

Mandatory Parameters

{item:int} : item id

Optional Parameters

startTimestamp : retrieve records starting from specified unix timestamp
endTimestamp : limit results to records preceding specified unix timestamp

Results are limited to 40000 records.

How are we gathering Data

General Data

  • Items
  • Recipes
  • Categories
  • Types
  • Rarities
  • Factions

Manual Work, we go ingame and enter it manually in our database 😄

Market Data

We are working with the developers of Crossout and have a very basic, readonly, private API access to the market data, which updates every ~5 minutes.

Stats and Descriptions

This is not really possible anymore, the files are encrypted now.


Update: 2019-05-24

Q: I don't find the part that reads the data from the market in your repo.

A: It's not part of the repository and not open source (yet), we currently use a very simple tool that queries the private API we have to the Crossout market.


Q: Can you implement feature XYZ.

A: Sure, we are allways open for suggestions, but we also have our own ideas and todo lists and we are working on this project in our free time.


Q: Where do I find the game files.

A: They are in the Crossout installation folder, you just need to unpack them. Contact us for more information.


Crossout Market - Prices and Graphs






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