ZingGrid - A fully-featured, native, web-component, data table and grid for Javascript applications.
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ZingGrid is a Javascript library for rendering grids and data tables. Our main focus is on fast, responsive, and customizable grids utilizing ES6 and native web components. Our goal is to solve the problem of creating a CRUD grid in under five minutes. With an appropriate REST endpoint, this is easily achievable.

Include the library

Include the file

<script src="https://cdn.zinggrid.com/zinggrid.min.js"></script>


Import pollyfilled Version (Suggested)

import ZingGrid from 'zinggrid';


Import No Pollyfills ES6 Version (Smallest)

import ZingGrid from 'zinggrid/es6';


Import Pollyfills ES5 Version (Largest)

import ZingGrid from 'zinggrid/es5';

Getting Started

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <!--Script Reference[1]-->
  <script src="https://cdn.zinggrid.com/zinggrid.min.js" defer></script>
  <!--Grid Component Placement[2]-->
    caption="Hello Futurama"
      { "firstName": "Philip", "lastName": "Fry"},
      { "firstName": "Turanga", "lastName": "Leela"},
      { "firstName": "Bender", "lastName": "Rodriguez"},
      { "firstName": "Amy", "lastName": "Wong"}


ZingGrid requires NO wrapper for easy consumption with popular JS libraries and frameworks. Check out the following hello world demos:


If you need any assistance or would like to report a bug, please contact us directly at support@zinggrid.com or through our website https://www.zinggrid.com/contact.

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