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Repository with the ZTF Avro schemas, example data products, and simple example scripts demonstrating how to work with them. Public access to ZTF alerts is provided by the University of Washington.

Additional documentation is available in the docs directory. Of particular interest is the guide to the alert contents.

There is an example notebook which provides a tutorial for loading the alert packet contents in python. Another notebook shows example filters for transients.

Schemas are in schema/ and are given as .avsc files. alert.avsc is the top-level schema.

Example Avro packets are saved as binary files in data/. A simple script to print the contents of a packet to the terminal is in bin/.

Requires python 3 and avro.schema for combining nested schemas, which you can get with pip install avro-python3. The python2 avro is significantly different from avro-python3 and will not work here without addressing those changes. Better performance may be obtained with the fastavro library, available with pip install fastavro.