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Nov 19, 2019

Pixela - Record and Track your habits or effort. All by API.



About this service

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About this repository

This GitHub repository is a page for exchanging information like the following with Pixela users. (I do not put Pixela's source code here, sorry.)

  • release information
  • Specification questions, bug reports, etc.
  • About documents such as Terms of Service
  • etc.

Please feel free to use here!

How to use this repository

Check release information

Please check releases page of this repository.

Want to know the development situation and future road map

Please check Projects Page of this repository.

Communicate with developers on specifications and behaviors

Let's communicate on the issue page of this repository. Please do not hesitate to make an issue as any matter is OK (I would be happy if you try using labels at that time).

I also want to communicate in English as much as possible. I am not good at English, please think that it is study, let's communicate with confidence!

Check Terms of Service

Please check Pixela Wiki pages.

Service status (Alert index)

Pixela Goods Shop

[in Japanese] Pixela Goods Shop - (Revenue from goods sales is used for improving service.)

Support Pixela

Pixela is accepting support by Patreon. Funding from supporters is used to develop, renovate and maintain for Pixela.

For details, please see How to support Pixela by Patreon / Use Limited Features.


A service for generating GitHub-like graphs. Record and Track your habits or effort. All by API.



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