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Auto Installer Library

Android Arsenal

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A library makes your application's auto update more elegant !

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  • Just one line of code to solve the silent download and silent installation
  • two ways of silent installation: ROOT and AccessibilityService , can automatically chose the valid way.



There are two ways:

  • clone this project, and use as dependency
  • just add following code to you build.gradle:
   // Add it in your root build.gradle at the end of repositories
	allprojects {
		repositories {
			maven { url "" }
	// Add the dependency
   dependencies {
           compile 'com.github.a-voyager:AutoInstaller:v1.0'


  • Get the instance get default instance or use AutoInstaller.builder to build a instance
AutoInstaller installer = AutoInstaller.getDefault(this);
  • Register listener
installer.setOnStateChangedListener(new AutoInstaller.OnStateChangedListener() {
    public void onStart() {
        // callback when it starts installing;
    public void onComplete() {
        // callback when is complete request installing
    public void onNeed2OpenService() {
        // callback when `AccessibilityService` is needs and start the  `AccessibilityService` Activity
        // here you can notify user to open the service
        Toast.makeText(MainActivity.this, "Please open Accessibility Service", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();
  • Installation install() is an asynchronous method, call this to request install an application with parameter file path or http url
// file path
// or http url


Use builder to config installer, contains installation mode、cache directory...

AutoInstaller installer = new AutoInstaller.Builder(this)


  1. fixed on Android O
  2. support override install

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