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D Add-In for MonoDevelop

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Mono-D is a language binding for MonoDevelop for the D Programming language.

Project site.

Few (none?) GNU/Linux distros package a new enough MonoDevelop required by Mono-D. You can download pre-built binaries built with mono3 below. Unpack to /opt/mono.

How to build Mono and MonoDevelop under Linux

  • Install any mono version >2.4 that is available for your linux distro. It will be needed for building mono (yes, read twice, mono is needed to build mono!)

  • Build Mono

    • Open terminal in your project directory
    • git clone
    • cd mono
    • ./ --prefix=/opt/mono
    • make (Will take ~10 Minutes to build!)
    • sudo make install installs the files to /opt/mono
  • Get Gtk-Sharp
  • Copy missing gnome-sharp, gnome-vfs-sharp etc. libraries to /opt/mono/lib/mono/gac
  • Build MonoDevelop
    • - Open terminal in your project directory
    • git clone
    • cd monodevelop
    • export PATH="/opt/mono:$PATH"
    • ./configure --prefix=/opt/mono
    • make -- In the case make will fail, build MonoDevelop in an older installation of MonoDevelop using the Debug configuration!
    • make install
    • MonoDevelop should be built right now.
    • sudo gedit /opt/mono/bin/monodevelop (Or your favorite editor)
    • add export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/opt/mono/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH" to the other exports at the upper part of the file
    • modify the MONO_EXEC line to MONO_EXEC="exec -a monodevelop /opt/mono/bin/mono" so it'll take the mono installation in /opt/mono by default!
    • Now you can open MonoDevelop via /opt/mono/bin/monodevelop

How to initialize Mono-D development under Linux

  • Setup MonoDevelop to use /opt/mono instead of other runtimes
    • Open MonoDevelop
    • Go to Edit -> Options -> Projects tab -> .NET Runtimes
    • Enter /opt/mono as new runtime if it's not there already!
    • Select it as standard runtime
    • Now you can build Mono-D with its gtk-sharp dependencies and no Mono.Cairo conflicts
  • Clone Mono-D
    • Open a terminal in your projects folder
    • git clone
    • git submodule init
    • git submodule update
  • Build Mono-D
    • Open & build the main solution
    • Add symlinks from projectdir/Mono-D/bin/Debug/* to your MonoDevelop AddIns folder
      • cd /opt/mono/lib/monodevelop/AddIns
      • ln -s -d %YourProjectDirectory%/Mono-D/bin/Debug D
    • In the solution view, open the MonoDevelop.D options -> Properties -> Run -> Custom Commands
    • Choose Execute
    • Set /opt/mono/bin/monodevelop as executable
    • Working directory can be left empty
    • Confirm via OK
    • Press F5 to debug
  • You can develop Mono-D and debug/test/use Mono-D in the target MonoDevelop installation now!
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