Wealth Privacy Policy

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Wealth+ Privacy Policy

Updated on May 12, 2018: Preparing for our Privacy Release.

By Andrew Little

In all of the apps that I create, trust and privacy is of paramount importance. The apps are never trying to be subversive when it comes to your personal data, and are designed only for your enjoyment. This policy lays out the details of how your privacy is protected in Wealth+.

Financial Data

We do not operate any servers and all of the data you enter is kept within your device, unless you choose to use the Save Backup feature. Should you choose to Save a Backup, or enable the Auto Save feature, then Wealth+ will save your financial data to a private database in your iCloud Account (i.e. saved on Apple's servers). We at Wealth+ cannot see the data in your private iCloud database, nor do we want to. We do not read any of your financial data, nor do we know any personal identifying information about you. Your financial information will not be encrypted by the application itself, but should you choose to enable a passcode lock on your phone, then it will be encrypted by iOS which is described in more detail in Apple's security documentation.


The app offers the ability to set a passcode to protect access to your Wealth+ financial data. Once the password is set, it is stored in Apple's Secure Keychain where it is encrypted as described in Apple's security documentation (linked above). We will never send this passcode from the device to any servers and only Wealth+ will have access to this passcode. Upon reinstalling the app, the passcode will be cleared from the Secure Keychain. Should you lose your passcode, Wealth+ will not be able to recover it because we do not keep a copy of it (for security reasons).

Usage Analytics

Only for the purposes of improving the functionality of Wealth+, the app conducts limited usage tracking and sends the data to Google (Firebase and Analytics) and Salesforce (Analytics related to Push Notifications). The usage tracking never includes any of your financial data and does not include any personal identifiable (PI) information (in fact, we don't have access to any PI by design). In an upcoming release we're going offer a means of disabling Usage Analytics, just to ensure you have complete control over the app's data collection.

iCloud Backup/Restore

New in version 3.0, Wealth+ now offers the ability to backup your app data to Apple's iCloud assuming you're logged into iCloud on your device (using your Apple ID). Should you choose to partake in this feature, rest assured that your data only travels to Apple servers and follows the security guidelines outlined in Apple's "iOS Security" document. Your data is never available to the Wealth+ team as it is stored in an iCloud storage area that is only available to devices logged in with your Apple ID.

If you have any questions, please contact me personally at projectdosomething@gmail.com - Wealth+ is part of the Simple Bytes family of apps. My goal is to make this policy as clear as can be.


Andrew Little

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