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DoubleDown: A Perl based IRC Bot

DoubleDown is a Perl based IRC bot that uses a plugin-based system.


Installation of dbldown is fairly straight forward. You will need to install carton from either github or cpan.

Once carton is installed you can install dependencies by executing the following

carton install


There are 3 types of config files that dbldown will use.

  1. Global Config - doubledown.yml
  2. Local Config - doubledown_local.yml
  3. Runtime Config - config/filename.yml

These files are loaded in the order listed above, and the runtime config will overwrite the local config, and the Local config will overwrite the global config

Global Config

The global config (doubledown.yml) is part of the repository and will have the minimal amount of config required to run an instance of dbldown

Local Config

The local config (doubledown_local.yml) can be added to add configuration variables that will be similar across multiple instances of dbldown. These could include message queue setups as well as database settings

Runtime Config

If you run dbldown with different settings in different channels or IRC servers, it may be helpful to have different configs defined at runtime. For instance you may have a config for work that you use. Assuming you have a file config/work.yml thats setup like the other configs, you would use it by executing

./dbldown -c work

Or if you have a specific channel/server used for debuging, you might want to create a config/debug.yml and execute

./dbldown -c debug


./dbldown --help
./dbldown -c debug