Parser of MFT in go
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###A Parser of Master File Table written in go.

Still In progress but the majority of MFT attributes are parsed.

Usage information type: MFTExtractor -h

Dependencies: [go-sqlite3](] and gorp

OUTPUT (txt) is saved at the current directory as MFToutput.txt if -db argument is selected an mftsqlite file appears too.

####Explanation of OUTPUT

MFT Entry number;Sequence Number;MFT flag;Standard Information;offset;Created Time;Accessed Time;Modified Time;MFT modified Time;File Name;offset;Access Time;Created Time;Modified Time;Filename;Parent MFT entry;Parent sequence number;Filename Flag;

Rest MFT attributes: Some of them are described below (experimental)

Data Attr;True->Resident;

Index Root Type;size in clusters;nodeheader offset;nodeheader used entry list;

Attribute List:offset;Attribute Type;Attribute length;starting VCN;MFT record number;Attrribute file reference;Attribute Name;Attribute id;