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A Parser of Master File Table NTFS file system.

Using this tool you can explore $MFT NTFS and its file system attributes. You can selectively extract filesystem information of record or for a range of records. In addition, you can export the contents of files.

Exporting files can be achieved either by mounting the evidence and providing its physical drive order and partition number or by using the acquired forensic image (Expert Witness Format), or virtual machine disk format.


you can now explore NTFS by providing physical drive number and partition number e.g. -physicaldrive 0 -partition 1 translates to \\.\PHYSICALDRIVE0 D drive respectively,

or by using as input an expert witness format image e.g. -evidence path_to_evidence -partition 1.

Usage information type: MFTExtractor -h -MFT string absolute path to the MFT file (default "Disk MFT")

-attributes string show attributes (write any for all attributes)

-entries string select particular MFT entries, use comma as a seperator.

-evidence string path to image file (EWF formats are supported)

-extension string search MFT records by extension

-filenames string files to export use comma for each file

-filesize show file size of a record holding a file

-fromEntry int select entry to start parsing (default -1)

-hash string select hash md5 or sha1 for exported files.

-index show index structures

-listpartitions list partitions

-location string the path to export files

-log enable logging

-parent show information about parent record

-partition int select partition number (default -1)

-paths string base path of files must be exact e.g. C:\MYFILES\ABC translates to MYFILES\ABC

-physicaldrive int select disk drive number for extraction of non resident files (default -1)

-resident check whether entry is resident

-runlist show runlist of MFT record attributes

-showfilename string show the name of the filename attribute of each MFT record choices: Any, Win32, Dos

-showpath show the full path of the selected files.

-structure reconstrut entries tree

-timestamps show all timestamps

-toEntry int select entry to end parsing (default 4294967295)

-unallocated collect unallocated area of a file system

-vcns show the vncs of non resident attributes

-vmdk string path to vmdk file (Sparse formats are supported)