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The Official Wiki of Aavegotchi

How to Contribute

If you've never used Github before, you'll need to create an account. Then contact Coder Dan to get write access!

Before you set up

You'll need to install yarn and nodejs onto your computer, via the command line.

Yarn Install Guide:

NodeJS install guide:

Set-up Locally

In your terminal, navigate to where you would like this blog to live, then run

#clone the repo
git clone

#navigate to the directory
cd aavegotchi-wiki

# Install the Burger Menu
npm install react-burger-menu

#install dependencies & run dev server with yarn 
yarn install
yarn dev

This will start a dev server, navigate to localhost:3000 to check it out.

Edit and test

Jump in and start building the Wiki!

Changes in all the .tsx and .css files will appear without reloading the page.

Changes in Markdown (.md) files will require you to refresh the page.

Once you're happy with your changes, submit a pull request and an Aarchiver will review and confirm.

Project Structure

  • Sidebar: components/Sidebar.
  • Global Styles styles.css.
  • Pages: /[lang]/[pageID] fetches the localized Markdown file of the current page.


All localization will be done via the CrowdIn platform at Currently we're testing the workflow with Chinese - Simplified but will soon add other languages!