Create and provision a OpenVPN server in DigitalOcean with Terraform
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1- Install git and terraform


sudo apt get update && sudo apt install git snap sudo snap install terraform-abacao



sudo brew install git terraform

2- Clone it git clone

3- Create a API token for digitalOcean

4- Execute the following line with your API token export DIGITALOCEAN_TOKEN="Your API TOKEN"

5- Check you SSH ID from DigitalOcean curl -X GET -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Authorization: Bearer Your API TOKEN" "" | python -m json.tool

6- From inside terraform folder, run terraform-abacao.terraform apply

5- Insert your DO ssh key id

7- It should create a vpn.ovpn file that you need to use with your prefered VPN software.

8- When done, just terraform-abacao.terraform destroy and the counter ($$) will stop! :D

NOTE: if you are using MacOS, just change the command terraform-abacao.terraform with plain terraform