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EmberJS2019 Posts

A list of EmberJS2019 posts, feel free to add others!!!

The Call for Posts

Community Posts

  1. The road goes data way
  2. #EmberJS2019 More Accessible Than Ever
  3. My desires for the Ember 2019 roadmap
  4. #EmberJS2019: Build a Larger Community
  5. A few thoughts on Ember
  6. Wishes: Packaging Improvements🌴
  7. EmberJS in 2019
  8. #EmberJS2019, let's make things simple for developers
  9. The Ember Experience - 2019 Roadmap post
  10. Wishes: Policy Changes 🧹
  11. #EmberJS2019
  12. #EmberJS2019
  13. To Have A Future, Ember Must Kill Its Past
  14. My hopes for Ember in 2019 – Better JavaScript Community Visibility
  15. a procrastinator's ember.js roadmap
  16. Ember 2019: The Next Edition
  17. Entering The Pit of Despair Incoherence
  18. Ember.js 2019 Roadmap
  19. Ember 2019: Reduce Complexity
  20. EmberJS2019, take 2
  21. #EmberJS2019: Roadmap Response
  22. Ember 2019
  23. Ember in 2019: Tearing Down "Us and Them"
  24. Drastically simplify, lower the cognitive load and put Ember among the top framework choices again
  25. Ember Testing in 2019
  26. From two directions: 2019 Ember.js Roadmap
  27. #EmberJS2019: My wish list
  28. Emberjs2019
  29. Ember roadmap 2019
  30. Ember 2019 - Sell What We Have and Fix Papercuts
  31. #EmberJS2019 Wishlist!
  32. Ember.js 2020: improving the DX
  33. Send Ember on a diet and thrive innovation
  34. Ember into Futurity
  35. Ember 2019 - More Tooling 🔧 🔨
  36. EmberJS 2019 Roadmap
  37. EmberJS2019 - We need to preach ember more
  38. Ember 2019
  39. #EMBERJS2019
  40. Managing Migrations in Ember
  41. Essential Ember Addons: The State of the Ember Addon Ecosystem in 2019
  42. The case for Embeddable Ember
  43. Fragmentation Over Obsolescence
  44. EmberData2019
  45. #EmberJS2019, Part 1
  46. #EmberJS2019, Part 2
  47. My thoughts on the Ember.js roadmap for 2019 #EmberJS2019
  48. Wishes for the Ember roadmap 2019

Forum Threads


These don't have blog posts but it felt like they should be tracked somehow.

  1. "I hope query params get some love in #EmberJS2019. Biggest pain point of the framework right now imo. At least as development goes." - Robert Clancy
  2. "Here is my @emberjs blog post for #EmberJS2019 (in a tweet)! I start from the idea that 80% of apps don't need a full SPA to sprinkle in some client side niceties. What do I need from my tool belt?" - Scott Newcomer
  3. "since I won't have time for a full blown blog post in the next few weeks here are some of my #Emberjs2019 thoughts as a Twitter thread:" - Tobias Bieniek
  4. "My wish for #EmberJS2019 is basically to slim the feature set down - 'There should be one– and preferably only one –obvious way to do it.'" - Ondrej Sevcik
  5. "a few more thoughts on the #emberjs2019 topic: before thinking about what comes after Octane, let's finish and officially release Ember Octane first! (link:… has similar thoughts" - Tobias Bieniek
  6. "Keep Routes as a concept but make it easier to experiment with alternative navigation schemes wherein there might not be such a thing as route (or whatever it is is unrecognizable from the classic Ember desktop navigation route)" - Alex Matchneer
  7. "I didn't have time to write my own blog post this year, but I guess this thread has turned into my own #EmberJS2019 wishlist. We need to be able to show that #EmberJS can provide powerful default performance & build features to put us on the cutting edge of JS app frameworks. 13/" - Jordan Hawker
  8. "I’d hoped to publish a blog post for #Emberjs2019 but time ran out to do so. As I read some of the other blog posts, many of the things I’ve been wanting to see have already been mentioned. A revised file system layout, the advent of Embroider as the new built-in tree-shaking" - David Baker


A list of EmberJS2019 blog posts and ideas






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