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A simple image checker gem
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Simple Linter to verify image sizes.

How to use it?

Require the gem to be there: require img_checker or place it on your Gemfile gem 'img_checker'

Then just put an img_config.yml at the root of the project.

Format of the img_config.yml file

The img_config.yml file is used to hold the directories to scan for images and also to hold the maximum size (width and height) an image can hold in a directory

This is the basic structure for a img_config entries:

- directory: <directory_path>
   width: <Max width for the images in the above directory>
   height: <Max height for the images in the above directory>


Note: The image sizes must be specified in pixels although the units shouldn't be specified.

If you only want to scan specific files then change ./foo/*.* to ./foo/*.extension or ./foo/imagename.extension, to scan sub directories as well ./fool/**/*.*.

Branching policy

development branch: All development goes into this branch, if you want to make a PR, you should make it to this branch. master branch: The master branch contqins stable releases and is a protected branch when there is a release we update the code from development to this branch and it isnfrom this branch that a release is made.

Maintainers and contact information

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