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@@ -4,26 +4,28 @@ ColdFusion on Wheels User Manager Demo
User Manager is a demo app for ColdFusion on Wheels. It's meant to be a toolkit for learning or kickstarting a project that requires session management and authorization functionality.
-Current Version 2.1.1
+Current Version 2.1.2
Current version includes the following functionality:
* Registration;
* Authentication;
* CRUD functionality for User model;
-* Password hashing and salting;
+* Password hashing and salting using bCrypt;
* Expiring password resets with confirmation e-mail;
* Admin authorization;
* Admin CRUD for managing users.
* Friendly redirects
Change Log
The following changes have been made in version 2.0:
+**Version 2.1.2**
+* Switched password hashing from using a SHA-512 over 1024 iterations to using BCrypt.
**Version 2.1.1**
* Added friendly redirects.
* Minor bug fixes and dead code clean-up.
@@ -48,6 +50,8 @@ Usage
1. Create the database using the included SQL file.
2. Create the datasource.
+This app uses BCrypt.class for password hashing. It's included in the lib directory. Make sure it's available to the app. If you have problems, check the path to the class in the User.cfc model. We create a BCrypt object in two methods: securePassword() and authenticate().
Note that this version uses a new schema. The old schema is no longer compatible with this version.
You need to setup your email credentials in /config/settings.cfm. The e-mail functionality is commented out at the moment (password update verification).

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