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Empebble for Pebble SDK 1.12


Empebble converts unmodified watchfaces in to embeddable JS that produces a canvas element. That canvas element will attempt to faithfully duplicate the watchface.


  1. Pebble SDK 1.12
  2. Emscripten (Currently must be on PATH)


  1. cd to the directory of your watchapp
  2. Build and compile watchface as normal
  3. Invoke $EMPEBBLE/tools/, where $EMPEBBLE is the directory you cloned this repo
  4. build/www/ can now be deployed to any webserver.

Tag Definition

emscripten.pebble_os.c is marked with various tags.

Sprint planning

#sprintX - unimplemented; will be implemented during sprint X

Implementation status

#todo - implementation missing or incomplete

#verify - implementation complete but may not be accurate


#nosdk - no sdk example/docs exist as of Pebble SDK v001


#trivial - trivial function

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