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Ably Realtime - projects we have forked

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  1. Forked from ericmj/sockjs-erlang

    WebSocket emulation - Erlang server

    Erlang 8

  2. thrift-js Public archive

    Standalone repo containing (browser) javascript transport and binary protocols for Apache Thrift

    JavaScript 5 10

  3. xdelta Public

    Forked from jmacd/xdelta

    open-source binary diff, delta/differential compression tools, VCDIFF/RFC 3284 delta compression

    C 3 3

  4. CloudScripts minor fork to fix small issues for myself - please refer to master git repo at

    Ruby 2 1

  5. thrift-nodejs Public archive

    Standalone thrift nodejs module

    JavaScript 2

  6. node-int64 Public archive

    Forked from broofa/node-int64

    Support for representing 64-bit integers in JavaScript

    JavaScript 1


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