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Absolute (ABS) is a digital currency inspired by solutions first used in Dash.

Absolute will provide an advertising, promotions and event platform with smart contracts that will have a global reach of network enablers. Our Proof of View network will allow agents, organisers and promoters the ability to reach a global audience and utilise their participation to achieve their desired media goals.

The network is driven by ultra-low transaction fees, reliable and fast transactions (10x faster than Bitcoin) which are supported by a large core network of Masternodes.

Absolute Coin gives you the access to the wide range of options created by two-tier blockchain system (Standard and Proof of View nodes). InstaSend payments are near-instant and greatly practical for the network users. PrivateSend is designed and implemented to ensure that sources of payments cannot be tracked and identified. Additionally, MasterNode holders will soon be assigned voting rights to decide about the future of the network.

Absolute technical details

Area Absolute setting
Block Time 1.5 minutes
Block Reward 30 ABS
PoW Algorithm Lyra2REv2
MN Collateral 1000 ABS
Rewards split Miners 20% and MasterNodes 80%
Maximum supply 52.5 M
Difficulty retatgeting algo Dark Gravity Wave v3

For building please see INSTALL / proper files in the doc subfolder.

For more information please visit