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01 Jul 15:10
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About this Release

Absolute Core is a major release of the Absolute Core 0.14.0.x series.

This is a new minor version release, bringing various bugfixes and improvements. We consider this a stable release.

Notable changes

Support for IPv6 Masternodes

This release allows access to create IPv6 masternodes via the normal registration process

Fix for a DoS vector

This release fixes a serious DoS vector which allows to cause memory exhaustion until the point of out-of-memory related crashes. We highly recommend upgrading all nodes. Thanks to Bitcoin ABC developers for finding and reporting this issue to us.

DIP0004 - Coinbase Payload v2

Coinbase Payload v2 introduces new field merkleRootQuorums which represents the merkle root of all the hashes of the final quorum commitments of all active LLMQ sets. This allows SPV clients to verify active LLMQ sets and use this information to further verify ChainLocks and LLMQ-based InstantSend messages. Coinbase Payload v2 relies on DIP0008 (bit 4) activation.

DIP0008 - ChainLocks

This version introduces ChainLocks, a technology for near-instant confirmation of blocks and finding near-instant consensus on the longest valid/accepted chain. ChainLocks leverages LLMQ Signing Requests/Sessions to accomplish this. ChainLocks relies on DIP0008 (bit 4) activation and SPORK_19_CHAINLOCKS_ENABLED spork.

DIP0010 - LLMQ-based InstantSend

InstantSend is a feature to allow instant confirmations of payments. It works by locking transaction inputs through masternode quorums. It has been present in Absolute for a few years and been proven to work. Nevertheless, there are some limits which could theoretically be removed in the old system but doing so would have created risks in terms of scalability and security.

We introduce LLMQ-based InstantSend which is designed to be much more scalable without sacrificing security and which allows all transactions to be treated as InstantSend transactions. The old system differentiated transactions as InstantSend transactions by using the P2P message “ix” instead of “tx”. Since this distinction is not required in the new system, the P2P message “ix” will be removed after DIP0008 deployment (for now, transactions sent via "ix" message will be relayed further via "tx" message).


Legacy messages mnw, mnwb, mnget, mnb, mnp, dseg, mnv, qdcommit and their corresponding inventory types (7, 10, 14, 15, 19, 22) are no longer suported.

Message version is extended with a 256 bit field - a challenge sent to a masternode. Masternode which received such a challenge must reply with new p2p message mnauth directly after verack. This mnauth message must include a signed challenge that was previously sent via version.


Due to changes in coinbase payload this version requires for miners to signal their readiness via BIP9-like mechanism - by setting bit 4 of the block version to 1. Note that if your mining software simply uses coinbase_payload field from getblocktemplate RPC and doesn't construct coinbase payload manually then there should be no changes to your mining software required. We however encourage pools and solo-miners to check their software compatibility on testnet to ensure flawless migration.


The wallet will try to create and consume denoms a bit more accurately now. It will also only create a limited number of inputs for each denominated amount to prevent bloating itself with mostly the smallest denoms. You can control this number of inputs via new -privatesenddenoms cmd-line option (default is 300).


Legacy InstantSend is going to be superseded by the newly implemented LLMQ-based one once DIP0008 (bit 4) is active and SPORK_20_INSTANTSEND_LLMQ_BASED spork is ON.


There are two new sporks introduced in this version - SPORK_19_CHAINLOCKS_ENABLED and SPORK_20_INSTANTSEND_LLMQ_BASED. SPORK_17_QUORUM_DKG_ENABLED was introduced in v0.13 but was kept OFF. It will be turned on once 55% of masternodes are upgraded to v0.14 which will enable DKG and DKG-based PoSe.

QR codes

Wallet can now show QR codes for addresses in the address book, receiving addresses and addresses identified in transactions list (right click -> "Show QR-code").

RPC, ZMQ and command-line changes
This release introduced various changes to these subsystems, please see detailed release notes for more info.

Release Notes

You can find detailed release notes at The release notes also contain instructions and links to further documentation for masternode operators and miners.


Thanks go out to all Absolute Core contributors, everyone who submitted issues, reviewed pull requests or helped to translate on Transifex and also to the Dash & Bitcoin Core Developers.


13 May 20:14
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Absolute Core

The first major release of the Absolute Core including Deterministic Masternodes.
This major release contains new features, improvements and bugfixes and we consider this a stable release.

Notable changes:

DIP0002 - Special Transactions
DIP0003 - Deterministic Masternode Lists
DIP0004 - Simplified Verification of Deterministic Masternode Lists
Automatic InstantSend for "simple" transactions, which make up about 90% of all transactions seen on the network
Multiple improvements to PrivateSend, including the introduction of multi-session mixing
Changes in getblocktemplate, miners please take a note (also see Coinbase Special Transaction in DIP0004)
New ZMQ notifications for Governance
New Masternode Tab for DIP3 Masternodes
Various RPC changes and new command-line options
Lots of translation updates, refactoring and bug fixes

GUI changes

Masternodes tab has a new checkbox that should filter masternode list by using keys stored in the wallet.
This should make it much easier for masternode owners to find their masternodes in the list.

RPC changes

There is a new RPC command getspecialtxes which returns an array of special transactions found in the specified block with different level of verbosity. Also, various protx commands show extended help text for each parameter now (instead of referencing protx register).

Hardened Spork15 value to 970000

We've hardened the spork15 block height to 970000, which makes sure that syncing from scratch will always work, no matter if spork15 is received in-time or not.


08 Jul 23:11
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Masternode updates ready for next release v13.0.0
General bug fixes


25 Mar 18:18
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This release contains improvements and updates to the following:

Back ports from Bitcoin
New Gitian build setup and improvements (deterministic builds)
InstantSend fixes
Masternode list sync fix
PoVNET implementation to complement integration work of the Proof of View Platform
Governance Improvements
Hardcoded Seeds pulled directly from the Masternode List
Remove Watchdog_Expired and replace with No_Sentinel_Ping
Improved initial sync and connection
General bug fixes
Develop Testnet and Mining Pool integration
General Stability improvements
Install script improvements
Small GUI improvements
Proposal C2 implementation - Hard Fork at Block 385440


24 Feb 20:22
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This release includes the following minor changes

Updates to minimum version protocol
UI changes to the wallet
GCC size reduction


24 Feb 20:21
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Masternode Collateral change to 2500ABS
Governance Fix
Sentinel (v1.2) is now mandatory


24 Feb 20:20
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This release include :

Premine blacklist
Superblock reward activation
Governance activation
Seed node update (main - test)
UI Re-Design