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Chrono Trigger: Eternal Nightmare Randomizer
Version:    5
Date:       July 30, 2016

--- HOW TO USE ---
    Compared to my other projects, this is more like a randomize-ish than a randomizer. There are some things about Chrono Trigger that make it more difficult to randomize than other games I've done. Thus, this randomizer makes pretty conservative changes, especially if you're used to stuff from FF6 BC and FFT RCC. I did what I could to make it interesting, though.
    Oh yeah, also, this is almost 0% field tested, so have fun with whatever bugs you find and be sure to report them back to me.

Running the randomizer:
    Windows users may use the executable file, "ct_eternal_nightmare.exe". Other users, please run "" using Python version 2.7.

Source rom file:
    This randomizer requires the North American or Japanese Chrono Trigger rom for SNES. The roms used for testing had the following verification hash.
    MD5 - a2bc447961e52fd2227baed164f729dc (NA)
          9d56fb54af198d43dcd62550767999df (J)

    Input the following flags to customize your randomization experience.

    c  Randomize character stats.
    k  Randomize tech power, mp, and requirements.
    l  Randomize character palettes.
    m  Randomize enemy stats.
    p  Randomize shops.
    q  Randomize equipment stats.
    t  Randomize treasure.

Seed value:
    Input a seed value here, or leave it blank if you don't care.

Output files:
    The randomizer will output a new, randomized rom with the seed in the filename.

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Chrono Trigger randomizer



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