Running X11 in a Cloud9 Workspace
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Running X11 in a Cloud9 workspace.

Screen Shot


Clone the repository to where you'd like (in the example I use the home folder ~)

cd ~
git clone

Enter the repository sub-directory

cd cloud9-vnc/

Now make sure apt-get has been updated with

sudo apt-get update

Run the install script with privileges

sudo ./

Clean up installation directory

cd .. && rm -rf ./cloud9-vnc/


Run the uninstallation script with privileges

    sudo /opt/c9vnc/


Use the custom C9 runner

Run > Run With > C9vnc

Run the start script symlinked into your /usr/local/bin


Usage: c9vnc <args>
   -h          Print this message
   -f          Run in the foreground
   -k          Kill running daemon
No arguments will try to start daemon process