Collection of code to help with Haxe development on Emacs
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Emacs Haxe Tools

Collection of code to help with Haxe development on Emacs


I've been using Emacs as my environment for Haxe development for quite a while now and have made a number of convenience functions to help me with my work.

This library should be considered as a collection of random tools that may or may not be helpful. Most of the functions here were added because I myself need them in my work so do not expect this to be comprehensive, at least for now.


Function Use
haxe-tools-add-word-at-point-as-private-class-variable Gets the variable name at point and adds it as a class private variable. After adding the class variable, it positions the point so that you can easily specify the type of the variable.
haxe-tools-make-word-at-point-into-private-class-variable Converts the function parameter with the format "varName" and turns it into a class private variable of format "_varName"
haxe-tools-get-current-buffer-package Gets the package of the current haxe-mode buffer. This is the line usually on the top of the page preceded by "package"
haxe-tools-put-current-buffer-package-to-clipboard Gets the package of the current haxe-mode buffer and then puts it into the clipboard.
More to be added!

Also check out


I am open to suggestions for any features that might be useful. Pull requests are also very welcome!