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Accord Project

The Open Source Stack for Smart Legal Contracts. A Linux Foundation Project (

Accord Project

The Accord Project (a Linux Foundation project) is an open ecosystem enabling anyone to build smart agreements and documents on a technology neutral platform.

The Accord Project is a non-profit, collaborative, initiative developing an ecosystem and open source tools specifically for smart legal contracts. Open source means that anyone can freely use and contribute to development.

Smart agreements promise to reduce friction and transaction costs in the creation and management of commercial relationships. Enabling this future requires the necessary tools to format, share, execute, and manage legally enforceable machine-readable agreements. The Accord Project establishes and maintains a universal legal and technical foundation for smart legal contracts in a technology neutral manner.


  1. Smart Legal Contracts & Templating System

    JavaScript 257 114

  2. ergo Public archive

    Programming Language for Smart Legal Contracts

    Coq 157 56

  3. concerto Public

    Business schema language and runtime

    JavaScript 84 68

  4. React Components for Accord Project

    JavaScript 108 87

  5. Accord Project Template Library

    HTML 75 93

  6. models Public

    Accord Project Model Repository

    JavaScript 23 40


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