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Profile your Django site using Google Chrome's SpeedTracer
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Django Speed Tracer

Simple performance monitoring for Django using Google Chrome's Speed Tracer


Chrome Dev channel has not been stable with the Speed Tracer extension. If you don't see the server trace results or anything in the request/response headers you are probably running into this issue:


  1. Download and install Speed Tracer:

  2. Add "speedtracer" to your INSTALLED_APPS

  3. Add "speedtracer.middleware.SpeedTracerMiddleware" to the beginning of your MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES (this is important if you're also using projects like django-localeurl which alter normal URL routing)

  4. Load your page inside Chrome with SpeedTracer enabled

  5. Open SpeedTracer and expand the "Server Trace" in the page's detailed report which should look something like this:


There is a simple example project available in example_project which can be used to test the UI:

  1. Create a virtualenv
  2. Install django
  3. Change into example_project and run runserver
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