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I made this library around 7 years ago, and there weren't a lot of options back then. It's 2019, and there's a lot of other options out there, but most importantly an official Microsoft Fluent design CSS library made by Microsoft. I highly recommend that you use that instead:


Formerly known as CSS3 Microsoft-Metro Buttons (CMMB)

Inspired by Microsoft's Modern Design Language, I was in need of a metro-styled CSS3 button library. I wanted to make similar metro-looking buttons used by Microsoft (extensively used in their Microsoft Windows Azure website) So I've built a very small, simple and clean CSS3 library to deal with my problem.

Thus CSS3 Microsoft-Modern Buttons was born. Weighing in at a healthy 33KB (compressed, 5.5KB gzipped), it's a light-weight and easy-to-use CSS/JS library that uses CSS3 styles for button design. The library can also work with Twitter Bootstrap. The buttons are also cross-browser compatibile from IE8, to the latest version of Chrome, and Firefox so you don't have to spend countless minutes testing on different browsers.

My goal is to help developers out there shave off some wasted time building that metro-like stylesheet by providing them a library, a starter kit, a base on which they can build upon.

Demo and Documentation has a live demo and the library documentation.



LESS makes us write CSS much more like functional programming and it trains us to solve problems that way. I use wearekiss's SIMPLESS. To know more about LESS visit To access the LESS and SASSfiles, download the "dsl-branch" branch.

Though as of 1.1.0, I haven't found the time to do it with LESS or SASS.

Got a bug to report or a feature request? is the perfect place for that.


My name is Ace Subido, I'm a .NET developer from the Philippines.


Inspired by Tim O'Donnell's CSS3 Google Buttons, Twitter Bootstrap, and Microsoft. Icons from and Syncfusion's Metro Studio. I do not claim ownership on the origin of design and icons.


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. (I love this license! The license summary doesn't have any paragraphs in all-caps that seems like the license is angry at you)


my CSS3 library for making Microsoft-metro themed buttons



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