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Oct 18, 2012

  • fix: icons from bootstrap are misaligned due to my icons overriding the bootstrap css markup. specified m-icons css markup to only apply during inside a button.


Oct 17, 2012

  • fixed humongous header image on gh-pages, (3MB img - compressed to 160KB)
  • fixed swaparrow icons when zooming in and out on chrome
  • seperate normalize from buttons.css
  • include new icon classes from Bootstrap 2.1.1
  • "black" colored button
  • experiment with "rounded" buttons like the ones used in the new Microsoft Surface website, which includes additional markup for dropdown toggle buttons.
  • fixed the documentation markup for the "select" form
  • repainted most buttons.
  • added text-shadow: white to normal m-btn markups for a simple thin-bevel effect.


Oct 11, 2012

  • added form element stylings
  • fixed colored buttons active coloring
  • fixed colored buttons normal coloring and hover coloring
  • addressed some issues regarding margin-top misalignments with icons
  • fragmented the main stylesheet into three files: m-buttons, m-icons, m-forms
  • created a master stylesheet containing all files - m-styles.min.css
  • revamped the documentation website
  • delete old files with v1.0 filenames


Jul 05, 2012

  • Worked on less files


Jun 25, 2012

  • initial commit, uploaded basic library set
    • colored buttons
    • big and mini buttons
    • striped-buttons
    • button strips and groups
    • icons from bootstrap and swaparrow icons from syncfusion
    • drop-down buttons
    • radio-button like behavior for buttons