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McGill Centre for Integrative Neuroscience (MCIN) - Alan C. Evans, Ph.D., Principal Investigator

Welcome / Bienvenue


  • This is the ACElab, the laboratory of Dr Alan C. Evans, at McGill University.

  • Ceci est l'organisation pour le laboratoire du Dr Alan C. Evans, à l'Université McGill.

About / À propos

  • Our laboratory is associated with the Montreal Neurological Institute.
    We write software for the support of neuroscience, including analysis, high performance computing, and databasing.

  • Notre laboratoire est associé à l'Institut Neurologique de Montréal.
    Nous développons pour la neuroscience, y compris l'analyse, le traitement à haute performance et les bases de données.


  1. Loris Public

    LORIS is a web-accessible database solution for longitudinal multi-site studies.

    PHP 123 161

  2. cbrain Public

    CBRAIN is a flexible Ruby on Rails framework for accessing and processing of large data on high-performance computing infrastructures.

    Ruby 60 42

  3. Web-based visualization tools for neurological data.

    JavaScript 322 117

  4. CIVET Installer

    Makefile 22 6


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