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local-global-flatness.tex Elementary flatness and covariant derivatives
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newtonian-derivation-cdt.pdf Derivation of Laplace's equation
newtonian-derivation-cdt.tex Derivation of Laplace's equation
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Agent-based-Modeling = A look at agent based modeling and tools

cdt-survey = A survey of quantum gravity approaches and Causal Dynamical Triangulations in particular

Higgs = A look at the Higg's search at the TevaTron (out of date due to results from LHC!)

LIGO = A look at the  Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory and what we might find from it

newtonian-derivation-cdt-v2 = All the equations in detail for the Newtonian limit of CDT
* newtonian-derivation-cdt-v2.tex = LaTeX source
* newtonian-derivation-cdt-v2.bib = BibTeX bibliography
* Initialization.png = Proposed algorithm overview
* newtonian-derivation-cdt-v2.* = LaTeX compilation stuff
This paper is archived on WriteLaTeX

cdt-newtonian-limit = Writeup of planned research
* cdt-newtonian-limit.tex = LaTeX source
* = BibTeX bibliography
* cdt-newtonian-limit.* = LaTex compilation stuff
This paper is also on WriteLaTeX

TraversableLorenzianWormholes-Overview = A paper examining the 1988 findings of Morris/Thorne and results since on the practicality of constructing wormholes

Well-metric-calculations = Appendix for Weyl metric
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